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7 Signs to Know That You Found the One

Being with the right partner is like fitting a round peg in a round hole. Everything clicks, the feeling of being with someone who is just perfect for you is something that cannot be describes, you just have to experience it to understand. The right one completes and complements you. She makes life more interesting and worth living. Striving to find that one person out of the billions of humans on earth is a journey most of us are on, and I can personally tell you bro, every step of the journey is worth it.

With all the glitz and glamour that comes with being with the right partner, life can sometimes be confusing. You can be with someone you like so much and still get confused about her. You constantly question yourself whether she’s really the one for you. Some things happen and you ask yourself if this person is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.  

The truth is there is no blueprint for a perfect relationship, what seems perfect for one relationship might not work for another. Every couple is different; there is no universal scale to measure what a perfect relationship should be. But there are some vital signs to watch out for when you are dating someone, these signs should be an indication of whether that person is actually the one for you. Take a stroll with me as I walk you through these signs:

You Feel Totally At Peace Around Her: Trust me, when you finally find that girl that makes you feel totally at peace with yourself and the world, you know you have found the one. In a world full with worries, one can easily get stressed out. Jobs, money issues and insecurity are some of our daily worries, but when you are with her, all these seem to melt away. It’s like the world is till and she’s all that matters. She calms your nerves and makes you feel you have no single worry in the world.

She Understands You: When a woman understands you, everything falls into place. You don’t have to explain situations over and over again for her to get the point. She immediately sees where you are coming from and what your stand is on issues. You do not get into little fights and disagreements. She knows and understands your person, knows the things you like and things you hate.

You Share Common Interests: If you meet a woman you seem to share a lot of interests with, she just might be the one. When a woman like the things you like, conversations are easy and there’s no dull moment between you. You enjoy each other’s company more; there are loads of things to do together and talk about. 

You Enjoy Spending Time With Her: Probably because you have so many things in common and she brings you peace of mind, you find that you really enjoy spending time with her. Time flies when you are with her. If you meet a woman whose company you never get tired of, then bro, she just might be the one.

You Laugh A Lot Around Her: She seems to be your favorite comedian, she makes you laugh easily. You find her jokes very amusing and easy to laugh at. It is not easy to find a woman with a great sense of humour, when you meet one who makes you laugh easily, you should really begin to consider if she’s that special one.

You Respect Her: When you meet a woman who you really connect with, you tend to have deep respect for her. You have regards for her and take things she says seriously. These are signs that this woman means a lot to you.

S**x is Amazing: S**x with someone you love and really have a connection with is usually like lighting fireworks. It is an explosion of emotions. The passion is quite different. You feel everything touch, every kiss at another level.

Meeting and recognizing the right person is an opportunity many have lost. It is very important for you to know when you have met that special one. I wish you luck on finding your soul mate.


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