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Get to Know Her, 5 Ways to Break Her Guard and Get to the “Real Her”

Women are naturally very deep creatures; they can keep secrets buried for years. They can hide emotions and you will really never tell exactly what they are going through. They can also pretend and put up a particular attitude to fool you. You cannot get to know a woman unless she is ready let her guard down and to open up to you. You see bro, most women are Oscar award deserving actors, use surface value to judge them and you will be completely lost; they show you what they want you to see.
As challenging as the task of really getting to know a women may seem, it is totally achievable when you apply the right strategies. In this article, I am going to list some ways you can break a woman’s guard and get to know her for real. When you get to really know and understand a woman you are with, everything else falls into place. There are fewer frictions in the relationship, you can easily get her to do what you want and she’s happy to be with you because you really know her. So without much ado, let’s get down to it… 

Be A Reliable Companion: The first step to making a woman let down her guard and allow you see her for who she really is to be there for her. She needs to be able to see you as someone reliable, a worthy shoulder to rest on. Be available to help her get things done. I am not saying you should automatically turn to an errand boy, there is a difference. Make sure the things you help with are stuff she can’t easily get done by herself, this is important because it creates a lasting impression on her mind.

Build Trust: You really want to get to know her? You need to first make her trust you, absolutely. When a woman trusts you enough, she confides in you. Trust is a very important element in a relationship, especially a new one. Don’t be caught in little inconsequential lies. Say things exactly the way they are, when you make a promise, keep it. Don’t assume it’s just a small lie or something you just said and it’s not important you keep to it. Women take very little things serious. Be conscious of your words and actions, they go a long way in making her trust you.

Spend Time With Her: Spending time with her is another great way to get her to allow you into her protective wall. Making time out to be with her has so many advantages; it shows you care about her enough to want to be with her, it helps you understand her more etc. Have great conversations with her, encourage her to talk by paying attention and listening. The more time you spend with her, the more comfortable she gets around you. Before you know it, she’s spilling her world to you, women just love men who are willing to listen to them.

Watch Her Body Signals: There are certain signals women unconsciously send out when they are with you. As a man, it is important you learn how to catch and interpret what she’s saying with her body language without opening her mouth. Watch out for signs she might be uncomfortable; she sits with fist clenched, looks around when you are talking to her, looks at her wristwatch etc. When you know how she’s feeling, you are better equipped to sooth her. When you do things she needs without her even telling you about it, bro you are on your way to that inner guarded place in her heart. 

 Get her to easily to let you into her world by applying these simple steps outlined above. It’s not difficult at all, you just need to be patient and persistent while you are at it.

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