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Rice Alternatives You Might Want to Consider

It is no longer news that the price of rice, one of the most popular Nigerian food is has suddenly skyrocketed. From around 15,000 naira just weeks ago, a bag is now selling for 28,0000 naira. For most Nigerians, rice has become suddenly unaffordable. In this short article, we have a few suggestions to survive the rice scarcity.
Let us start with the common alternatives:

Noodles: Noodles is one of the easiest to access alternative to rice. Thankfully kids love them too. Just had a little garnishing next time to make it more interesting instead of preparing it plain. Trust me, you or your kids won’t miss rice much.

Spaghetti & Macaroni: Spaghetti is to Italians what rice is to Nigerians, and yes, it is also cheaper. A pack of spaghetti is around 250 naira. As suggested with noodles above, find creative ways to garnish your spaghetti and yu will love it.

Try Combos: For those who must eat rice, going combo is your best bet this season. Way back in the university, it was a popular delicacy for us, your plate of rice is not complete without a siding of spaghetti. Cut down on the amount of rice you cook by adding spaghetti of macaroni to your plate.

Hope these tips helps you this season, we hope the price of rice comes down pretty soon.


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