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Time Saving Techniques For The Nigerian Mum

The Nigerian mother is the perfect example of a superwoman. Her ability to multitask around the home is something of marvel. In this article, we are going to be listing ways the average mum can get things done faster and better without being stressed out.
Write Things Down: Having a to do list is one of the easiest way to stay organised. The chances of skipping some very important task is greatly reduced or even outrightly eliminated when you list the things that need to be done. We all know how tasking it can be to remember everything that needs our attention with the kids running around. Why don’t you make it a point of duty from today to start jotting down the things you want to have done the next day?

Start Early: Leaving house chores till it is absolutely necessary to do them is one sure way to mess up your day. You find that it becomes stressful to get even the easiest tasks done when you are in a hurry. So start out early and enjoy the peace of mind that that comes with doing home chores at your own pace,

Ask Your Husband For Help: Thank God for our modern men, you can now easily ask your husband to help you with home chores. Before now, it was almost a taboo to ask the average Nigerian man to help with home chores, now the average man would gladly help you around the house. If you are not taking advantage of this yet, now is the time to get your man involved!

Find New Ways To Approach Old Tasks: Most Nigerian women are stuck with the same techniques of getting basic things done around the house. Since it is what we learnt from out mums, we just assume there is not better way to do these things. Why don’t you take a step back and actually review what you have been doing. Is it the best and most efficient way for you to do it? Don’t be stuck with tradition, be innovative.

Plan Your Day: It is only reasonable that if you want to save time and get things done more efficiently around the house, you need to plan your day. Start from the previous day to begin highlighting the things that need to get done then arrange them in other of importance. Waking up with a definite plan of how to get things done is a big time saver.


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