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Emotional Women; How To Get Her To Live In The Moment Without Expectations

It is a known fact that most women are emotional, they over think things and react to issues that men see as inconsequential. A woman’s thought processes are completely different from a man’s, she plans way ahead and worries about the future. On the other hand, most men just want to have fun and enjoy the moment. Sometimes in relationships, these character differences cause clashes. The men don’t just get why women worry so much about a point in life that they haven’t even gotten to.
For women, worrying and planning the future is a natural instinct. As breeders, they are programmed to plan and ensure the wellbeing of those that depend on them. It is actually a very important survival instinct. Where it becomes a problem is when she gets too obsessed with planning that it seems like life is just passing by. She doesn’t live to enjoy the moment, she worries so much about the future. The person in her life suffers this the most because she’s unaware of what she’s doing. Sometimes men just want to have fun and enjoy the moment, no expectations of whatever happens after.

In this article, I want to talk about how to deal with a woman that is obsessed with expectations, one who’s always looking forward to what the future holds. How do you get her to live life?

Teach Her How To Have Fun: If you are stuck with a woman who has too many expectations, chances are she will kill the fun in the relationship. Instead of having fun, she will spend all the time planning a future for both of you. To survive such affair, you need to teach her how to have fun. Show her the bright side of life and encourage her to enjoy herself. Introduce her to new ways to let go and just live in the moment. When she begins to really enjoy herself, she will start to see life differently.

Advise Her To Stop Worrying & Overthinking Stuff: Most women are very emotional. They live most of their lives in their head. If you want to get the fun part out of your woman, you need to talk to her about overthinking and worrying about issues she has no control over. You have to be gentle though, worrying is an inbred trait for woman, she’s not going to be able to let go over night. Be persistent and hopefully someday she will quit worrying and begin to live for today.

Teach Her To Appreciate Little Achievements: Teach your woman to appreciate little daily achievements, that way she will learn to live day by day. She doesn’t have to envision a perfect future somewhere far where she will be happy. Show her that appreciating daily accomplishments helps her feel better about herself.

Be A Fun Person: If you need your woman to be able to just enjoy the moment with you, you need to be a fun person. Make her enjoy the moment so much she forgets about the future. Be a fun guy, take her to fun places, just make sure she enjoys herself.

Be Her Example: The easiest way to teach someone something is to teach them by example. You really want her to live in the present and not bore you with so many expectations? You need to practice what you preach. Show her the benefits of not clouding her head with too many expectations. Show her how much more fun life can be when we worry less.

Live free! Live for today…


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