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Tips To Stay Safe During A Xenophobic Attack

It has been a very unsafe couple of days for Nigerians and other foreign nationals living in South Africa. Even though xenophobic attacks are not new  in South Africa, these occurrences are very sad and condemnable. All of a sudden, the streets are no longer safe for anyone not from South Africa. Businesses and lives are at risk.
In this article, we want to point out some ways to stay safe in attacks like these. These tips are useful in most crisis situations, be it riots, stampedes or general unrest. Please take them seriously.

Keep You Eyes and Ears Open: The first thing you would want to do during a xenophobic attack is to gather as much information as possible. Where is the attack more concentrated? Who are they attacking? Who are the attackers? Getting the right info is the first step towards finding ways to stay safe.

Avoid The Streets: It goes without saying that a time of major xenophobic attacks is not your ideal roaming time. Stay indoors, make calls, stay glued to the TV and radio for news. At times like these, the streets are extremely unsafe and you should avoid it at all cost.

Move In Groups: If you must move around at this time, make sure you don’t move alone. Moving around with people greatly reduces the risk of you being attacked. People found alone are easy prey and prime target for attack.

Blend In: If your area is particular unsafe and you fear a door to door attack, then you have to find a way to blend in. Whether it’s by items of clothing or accent, just find a way to look or speak like the attackers long enough to get out of the heated region and find a safer place to hide.

Find A way To defend Yourself: In the worst case scenario, where you are cornered and there is no other option, you have to find a form of defense. Most of these attackers are not trained fighters, the numbers are just in their favour. So putting up any form of defense might scare them away, it is far better than lying down to be killed.

We sincerely hope and pray that sanity is restored soon and these sorts of sporadic attacks are permanently stopped. Stay safe.


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