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Body Image, How To Reassure Your Woman About Her Body

Most women are very conscious of their body, they constantly worry about how they look, how people see them and what they are lacking. It is no wonder they spend hours daily in front of the mirror. Women desire the perfect body, everything shaped exactly to proportion. The truth is that, there are very few women who have everything perfectly shaped and at the right size, it is natural to have a flaw or two. It is what makes us human.
When a women begins to excessively fret over little issues concerning body weight and proportion, it adversely affects her self esteem. She begins to see herself as incomplete or inadequate. As someone in a relationship with a woman who is overly concerned about how her body is, you owe her a duty of reassurance and correcting that wrong mindset, because if it not addressed properly and swiftly, it can lead to low self esteem and depression. So how do you begin to address this?

Find Out The Root of The Problem

First thing is to find out the reason for her being worried about how she looks. Several factors could be responsible for it, body shaming, especially on social media is very common now. She might also be responding to changes in her body due to child birth or diet. Once you are able to get to understand where the insecurities about her body are coming from, you are better suited to address the issues.

Compliment Her Sincerely And Constantly

Help your woman appreciate her body more by complimenting her. Let her know you appreciate her the way she is. Meaningful and constant compliments are a great way for her to begin to see herself in a new light. When the man in her the man in her life values how she looks, it creates a feeling of deep reassurance in her mind. Compliment specific parts of her body and see how her confidence is boosted.

Assure Her She’s The One For You

One of the main reasons women fret about their body is the fact that they are afraid their partners might no longer find them attractive. She worries about losing you to someone else because of the changes their body is going through. Process your love for her, let her understand you still love and cherish her as you did when you met.

Try To Take Attention From Her Body

Another way to help a woman to be comfortable with her body is to try to shift the focus from her body. Talk about other of her assets with her. Think of other things your woman might be good at and encourage her to engage in them. This is very useful at helping her divert attention from her body to other position aspect of her life. The less focus she places on her body, the less she worries about it.

Make Her Realize All Bodies Are Different

You need to help educate your woman that all body types are different and that everyone is created perfect the way they are. She owes no one any explanation for the way she looks. She needs to embrace and appreciate herself more. Discourage her from having role models that make her feel bad about herself. She need to understand that she is unique and created different for a reason.

Help Her Build Self Esteem

Most women who are unhappy with the way they look have deep rooted self esteem issues. You should try helping her build up her image of herself. She needs to be able to hold her head up, no matter the body shape. Encourage her to read books on building self esteem. Once she’s able to see and carry herself with more confidence, half the problem is solved.

Be a supportive partner, help your woman be better and enjoy the fruits of being with a happy confident woman.

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