Sunday, January 27, 2019

My Word of Affirmation To all My Online Followers

I confirm that the Word of God is my lifestyles, and it’s exalted in my heart, above every concept, choice, aspiration or notion nowadays! My fulfillment in life is guaranteed and unstoppable due to the fact I’ve made the Word of God my contemplation and meditation. I characteristic nowadays with the Spirit of would possibly, dominion, and excellence because the Word of God gains the mastery in my spirit, soul, and body; dominating my thoughts and movements. 
My heart is full of the pleasure and laughter of the Spirit. I have fun exceptionally inside the Holy Ghost with pleasure unspeakable and complete of glory, regardless of the situations and situations that I may face. I even have the supernatural awareness and potential to do the impossible due to the fact the Greater One lives in me! I recognize life’s challenges as my possibilities to win and make my global a higher vicinity. 

I am a champion for my era and a hassle-solver. Through me, lives might be stored, transformed and preserved these days. Hallelujah! The energy, beauty, and excellence of God are revealed thru me to my global, as I stroll worth of the Lord, displaying the exceptional deeds and perfections of Him who has known as me out of darkness unto the glory and distinctive feature. Blessed be God.


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