Sunday, March 31, 2019

You're Destined To be Great

What really happened? he was destined to be a millionaire but the spirit in him was chasing money away until he met me. 

A similar thing happened last Sunday when I met one of these men on the floor, I prayed for a 100 Rand note and gave to him, he outrightly rejected the money, the demon in him refused the money and became so violent. 

Physically he wanted the money but there was a spirit in him that was not in agreement with the spirit of money, if not delivered, he would die poor because he could be working to get money while the demon in him would be pushing money away.

If the spirit in you is not in agreement with the spirit of money, the money will enter your hand or account but flies away immediately. 

Millions of people working today, do get salaries or receives money but fail to account the money they received. There's a spirit in you that is pushing money away. That is a very dangerous spirit. It doesn't matter where you are now if you want this spirit out of your life, Comment *Out* 8 times in the
Give me only but 2 minutes and see what will happen to you. I prophesy millions in your bank account...

Prophet Shepherd is Live Now


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