Friday, August 2, 2019

If You are Tired of Being Poor-Open And Read Through for Your Breakthrough

If you are tired of being poor read this, this is not an online network post or an online business or scam. This is a real fact about money. 

Everyone on earth today is pursuing money, from the richest to the poorest but only a few out billions of people are finding it. Who doesn't want to be a millionaire? 

Everyone wants to be rich but have you sat down and study the spirit behind money? Oh, or do you think that money is an ordinary paper?
Money is a spirit, money has legs, it has a mouth, it has ears and it has eyes. Money doesn't go to where it's wanted if not everyone was going to be rich by now rather money goes to where it's forced to go. 

I remember a few months ago a young man that came to me crying saying Major1, I have done everything possible to become rich but I still find myself poor.

I know many people reading this post that is saying the same thing, Major1, I have done everything possible to become rich but am still poor, well if you are the one, continue reading. 

I prayed for the boy and used part of the monies that I vomited while performing miracle money to bath him. 

That same day, on his way home, he bought a lotto ticket and played it, days later he won R5.000.000 Rands from lotto and instantly his dream of becoming a millionaire became a reality.

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