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Important Notice From Bushiri To all Our Online Followers

On the 13th of March 2018, the North Gauteng High Court of South Africa, Pretoria Division, ruled that an individual by the name Charles Farai SHOULD not publish anything bearing the name of our leader, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, and our ministry in any forum because of his history of persistent and consistent attacks which were found to be fake, false, defamatory and, therefore, unlawful.
The man himself has been known to be lacking in integrity, intellectually devoid, and prone to engaging in extortion escapades just to sustain his life.

Historically, this same man guy has / had always worked with some officials who have always wanted to and attempted several times to extort money from Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and the ministry. Their plans, attempts and desires are captured in recorded audios and videos; where they carefully plot to milk millions from the ministry through blackmail, fake news, fake stories and what they call “social media” noise. We will release these videos and audios.

Yet despite the 13th of March 2018 High Court ruling, it has come to our attention that the same individual is back to his old stripes, making false, fake and defamatory allegations all over the internet while demanding millions of Rands in payment from the ministry and its partners.

As stated, the motivation of the recent criminal behavior is captured in audio and video, and relevant law enforcement agencies have been alerted and are working with our forensics department to make sure that our ministry, mostly ECG Pretoria branch, is protected from people such as Charles Farai who think they can make a living through extortion.

To our followers, friends, brothers, sisters and supporters, we want you to understand that whenever people publish these lies about our leader, Prophet Bushiri, and the ministry, their goal is not to destroy the Prophet. Their goal is to destroy our ministry; yes, your ministry—the greatest thing to happen to gospel in the 21st century!

As these attacks are aimed at the heart of your ministry, which delivers millions in aid every year to vulnerable and needy people and has brought over 4 million people to Christ in the past three years alone, the church administration has instructed the legal team to approach the courts for reprieve.

You are therefore all advised to reject the fake stories and fake news with the contempt it deserves, while our astute legal team in consultation with law enforcement agencies to make sure that criminals bent on extortion are dealt with to the maximum effect of the law.

You are all encouraged to remain steadfast in prayer and reminded that though our father scoffs at these ridiculous attempts to discredit the house of the Lord, we must continue to play our part in informing each other to watch out and warn each other about criminals like Charles Farai.

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