Sunday, August 11, 2019

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O heavenly father i come to you inside the holy name of your son Christ Jesus and father i pray that you guard everyone who is hurting who is on a head-on collision with a stumbling block or snare I ask you put off those hindrances and snares from their paths and move before them and keep them on that narrow route and allow them to leave not the direction of salvation for your holy sons name christ Jesus I pray amen
Stay the journey stray no longer away find the power inside the simplest name underneath heaven that you are saved christ Jesus for whilst you are vulnerable he is strong for whilst you are unhappy he's joy And while you are empty he is full so stand on the stable foundation of christ Jesus all others are sinking sand.

You introduced heaven down to us you lay down your life for individuals who do not even agree within you thanks to your grace and mercy upon us blessed or not it's your call Christ, Jesus.

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