Monday, August 12, 2019

This is Your Moment of Revival

Financial Revival LIVE: “Where are you coming from?”

Major 1 is shocked at the numbers of people who are in today’s service. Valued followers, this is not a physical gathering but in the physical realm, demons and devils have been defeated twice over! There are overflows upon overflows and the grounds are teeming with believers, hands lifted up, faith in top gear and phones awaiting the miraculous!
This service is broadcast across the globe and on so many media platforms in several languages because the God of Major 1 has no limits, He has no boundaries and He can do whatever He likes! Major 1 is making decrees over the flock gathered here in the showgrounds. These are the promises of God so they are true even for each one that is seated under the influence of the Prophet of God!

Where are you? Are you coming with a testimony?

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, what the hearts of men have not conceived; that is what God of Major1 will do for you this month of August. You will be shocked by the wonder, you will have tears of joy this month.


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