Saturday, August 24, 2019

Your are Insured to Live an Assured Life of Insurance from Major 1

Welcome to a unique weekend of massive impact as we delve into a season like no other – a season where our souls are both excited and revived by the glory of the Lord. Become a witness of the Lord of Zion moving in His power and might in the season bound to change our lives forever.

Whether you are black-listed or downtrodden, this is your night! God has sent a prophet straight to your doorstep with the mandate to set you free and to get you sailing on the way to eternal, testimony! His blessing is without sorrow!

Stay online as we are LIVE on all our media platforms with the Fearless General as we enter the sanctuary with all the celebratory joy, thanking heaven on the birthday of the Lioness Of ECG on a day that the Lord has made! Rejoice and be glad for us today as we enter the promises of God for this house LIVE on Prophetic Channel with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Major 1.

Welcome to the Midweek Financial Revival LIVE Service. Prepare to receive.
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