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You must stand Firm in the Word in order for you to Get what belongs to you

Today's Message

Topic : Stand Firm on the Word of God

Bible Text : Proverbs 24:10 & it's says if you faint in the days of adversity...Its means your strength is small
First & foremost.. What is the meaning of Adversity? 
Adversity means a difficult or unpleasant situation people faced in this world wide... 
The Days of Adversity are actually the days of Faith... It's in the days of Adversity that we will know whether we truly profess Faith or Not... A question is asked... What are the days of Adversity? 

They are the days when you are between the devil & the deep blue sea or you are between a rock and a hard place..
Let's look at a case study from the book of Matthew 17:16 which connotes that A man brought his sick child who was possessed by the enemy & the disciples couldnt heal him.. After a while, the man brought his child to Jesus and narrated that He brought the child & the disciples & they tried everything but nothing happened... Then Jesus prayed & rebuked the evil spirit from him...Then Jesus said to his disciples.. O ye fakeless Generations.. How long will you tarry with me... So his disciples ask Jesus how come we couldn't do this... Then Jesus replied to them saying It's because you lack of Faith ( unbelief)... 

Invariably, at some point in our lives, we may says we have Faith but if the Faith will profess have not been tested... Then that Faith will claim to have is not really Faith either..

There are times when you have prayed & fasted concerning one thing or the other & the end nothing seem working..

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